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“Utopia. Le forme dell'Aria - Da Leonardo da Vinci a Pagani Utopia” Book | Giunti Editore - Italian Version

Published by Giunti Editore, this book draws a “bridge” between Utopia, the new hypercar by Horacio Pagani, and a selection of thirteen papers by Leonardo da Vinci, taken from the Codex Atlanticus, which demonstrate the studies on air by this Tuscan genius before the term “aerodynamics” was even around. It is the story of two young men who started to play around with the shape of air until they mastered the dance of the elements, ensuring that utopia became reality. From Leonardo’s codes to the production departments, in this book we will discover the creation and development of Utopia, from the first pencil line to its debut on the road.
245 pages in Italian.